Our Story

At Skwlāx Aggregates, our story is as rich and deeply rooted as the land from which we extract our products. Our origin can be traced back to a sizeable deposit of superior -quality aggregates in the heart of Skwlāx te Secwepemculecw. As other local pits bagan to exhaust their resources, the prime opportunity to serve our community and its growing needs became abundantly clear.

Quality and standards are the bedrock of our operations. Every grain of sand and piece of gravel we produce meets, and often exceeds, stringent MOTI specifications, mirroring you unyielding commitment to excellence and reliability.

An extension of our community

As part of Skwlāx te Secwepemculecw, we're more than just a supplier of top-tier aggregates, we're an integral part of our community, facilitating opportunities through our economic activities. We're creating pathways for the prosperity and cultural identity of Skwlāx te Secwepemculecw and the broader community, shaping landscapes while preserving the richness of our land.

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Meeting and

We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of products and services that cater to the diverse needs of our clientele. Whether you're a small business, a corporation, a municipality, an industry, or a private customer, our extensive portfolio - from crush and fill to screened stone and sand - is at your disposal.

the Skwlāx

At Skwlāx Aggregates, we don't just deliver services; we foster connections. We acknowledge that our offerings may appear similar to those of our competitors. Still, it's the 'Skwlāx Difference' that sets us apart. This difference is rooted in our unwavering reliability, strong local ties, and a broad range of products that consistently meet high standards.

We are more than your aggregate provider. We are your partners in building a sustainable, resilient future. Trust in Skwlāx Aggregates - Rooted in the community, Shaping the Future