Skwlāx Aggregates will be accepting CLEAN concrete and asphalt.
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Sand & Gravel

Our Sand & Gravel services encapsulate a wide range of superior quality aggregate materials, meticulously sourced and prepared to meet the highest standards.

Select Granular Subbase

The foundation of any solid construction, our Select Granular Subbase guarantees stability and drainage.

Crushed Base & Surface Aggregates

Specially processed to provide strength and resilience, our crushed aggregates are perfect for use in base and surface layers.

Drain Rock & Specialty Aggregates

Offer an array of drain rocks and specialty aggregates, we ensure your construction meets the most specific requirements.

Pit Run material

Natural, unprocessed pit run material straight from the source, ideal for large-scale fill and construction applications

Paving Aggregates

Our paving aggregates provide the hard-wearing surface you need for roads, driveway, and more.

Bedding & Winter Sand

We supply top-grade bedding sand for underground utilities and winter sand for traction during icy conditions.

Concrete Aggregates

Optimize your concrete mix with our top-quality aggregates, enhancing strength and durability.

Trucks & Equipment

A critical part of any project is ensuring your material arrive on time and in perfect condition. That's where our Trucks & Equipment services come in.

Trucks & Trailers

Equipped with a fleet of sturdy trucks and trailers, we offer seamless transportation solutions to deliver our products safely and prompts to your project site.

Heavy Equipment

Our range of heavy equipment is available for those more demanding tasks, ensuring your project proceeds without a hitch

Custom Aggregates

At Skwlāx Aggregates, we understand that every project is unique, which is why we offer customised solutions to meet your specific needs. We are not just a service provider - we are your partner in achieving construction success. Trust in Skwlāx Aggregates - Your project, our priority.

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